2019 Favorites: February — Desus & Mero Return On Showtime

The Bodega Boys remain themselves, and thus, remain great.

Favorite of the month: Desus & Mero’s return

“If you watch the progression of our comedy, there’s certain jokes that we used to do that we won’t do anymore because as we’ve experienced the world and we’ve come across different people, we realized that the humor hits differently, that a certain joke that might’ve been funny four years ago — you actually meet a person from this specific group and you’re like, ‘Oh, shit. I didn’t even know that was offensive,’” Desus said.

“Yes, we’re from the Bronx so it’s like, ‘Ah, ah, suck my dick’ and all that shit, but we’re not in the crosshairs of PC culture like that because we’re not fighting against it.”

Honorable Mentions:



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