2019 Favorites: February — Desus & Mero Return On Showtime

The Bodega Boys remain themselves, and thus, remain great.

Favorite of the month: Desus & Mero’s return

Chemistry is a simple concept with a lot of variables. If people clearly enjoy each other and working together, it’s almost a tangible, magnetic force that makes something fun to watch regardless of its success. It’s what makes comedy duo Desus & Mero intoxicating, and it’s what also keeps them from getting tiresome.

Honorable Mentions:

Good Will Hunting:

Not to sound extremely 23 years old, but I had no idea “How do you like them apples?” came from this movie, but apparently it did. Regardless, this movie was funnier and more thoughtful than I thought it was going to be. About 40 minutes in, I was already ready to watch it again.

High Flying Bird (Netflix):

Stephen Soderberg’s latest, iPhone-shot movie sizzles for its entire 90-minute runtime. A movie more about the culture and business of basketball is somehow one of the better basketball-centric movies in a long time. The dialogue is grounded and real. Andre Holland carries a “I got this” attitude in his character that keeps you intrigued, and keeps you guessing.

Sex Education (Netflix):

This show starts fast, moves fast, but the payoffs still feel earned and not played for cheap emotional pulls. Yes, there’s some classically campy high school drama. But the show gives many of its characters room to build out past their obvious stereotypes. Asa Butterfield’s main character is sheepish but can connect with his classmates in a special way. His best friend Eric experiences trauma he must work past. The star athlete works through anxiety. One episode spends a lot of time around an abortion clinic. None of this show uses those as tools to Teach A Lesson. It just happens, as often things just happen in life.

Minding the Gap (Hulu):

A beautiful and devastating look at a few lives of small-town skaters who are at once battling adulthood and also themselves. I’m also generally in the bag for any emotional, skateboarding, friend-making movies.

Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding, Cornish Pasty (Phoenix, AZ):

I don’t understand what counts as bread pudding, but all I know is this was a chocolatey, fluffy, kind of crispy and surprisingly light dessert to end a belated Valentine’s date night. Choosing ice cream to go with it is definitely the move.



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